Recyclebank signs partnership deal with city of Phoenix

The Arizona city hopes the incentives program will help it reach its diversion goals.

January 31, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Municipal Recycling

Recyclebank, headquartered in New York, has signed a partnership agreement with the city of Phoenix to assist with the city's goal of achieving 40 percent waste diversion rate by 2020. The goal is part of the city’s Reimagine Phoenix initiative, which also seeks to better manage its solid waste resources. The program in Phoenix officially began Jan. 31, 2017, and is available to all 400,000 households in the city, which has a population of 1.5 million.

As of late 2015, the city of Phoenix had a diversion rate of 20 percent.

Recyclebank says that through its program, education, incentives, data, technology and community engagement tools will help connect residents with the city's varied demographics, while allowing all eligible residents to participate in the program. Through the program Recyclebank will give points to Phoenix residents for actions that help keep waste from the landfills and for improvements in recycling participation and contamination. Residents can use those points for deals at local and national stores, donations and community-centric giveaways throughout Phoenix.

The Recyclebank program had a “soft” launch Jan. 15, 2017, though it officially began Jan. 31. Residents of the city can participate by going to Recyclebank’s website to sign up.

"We are delighted to partner with Recyclebank to help us achieve our goal of maximizing diversion of recyclables from landfills and decreasing our recycling and contamination-related costs," says John Trujillo, director of Phoenix Public Works. "Not only will our residents receive education and tangible rewards for their diversion efforts, but we will minimize negative environmental impact on future generations.”

In addition to its curbside single-stream recycling program, Phoenix is promoting green organics programs and is expected to open a new organics processing center. The city also encourages waste reduction with its Save As You Reduce & Recycle (SAY R&R) program. Phoenix says it has developed the Resource Innovation Campus (RIC) to bring new ideas from the business community to support circular economy initiatives.

“At Recyclebank we understand the critical nature cities play in environmental stewardship, and we leverage our education and incentive platform to help large and small communities address their waste diversion challenges,” says Javier Flaim, CEO of Recyclebank. “As the sixth largest city in the nation, Phoenix is showing it is an environmental leader and, with its exemplary sustainability practices, has proven to be a role model for other cities nationwide and we are excited to build on the great work they have already done toward their sustainability goals.”