The Recycling Partnership awards grants to six Ohio communities
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The Recycling Partnership awards grants to six Ohio communities

Six Ohio communities will collaborate with The Partnership this summer to reduce contamination and improve recycling education.


The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA), Columbus, Ohio, solid waste management districts (SWMDs), material recovery facilities (MRFs), haulers, Ohio communities and The Recycling Partnership (The Partnership) are coming together to tackle the issue of nonrecyclable trash in recycling by investing in education and outreach in pilot areas around the state. Six grants have been awarded to a diverse group of communities that represent four different major MRFsheds in Ohio to work with The Recycling Partnership to create the best model for recycling success statewide.

“Ohio EPA and The Recycling Partnership are working in collaboration with Ohio communities, SWMDs and MRFs to develop and implement a comprehensive education and outreach strategy to decrease the amount of trash in curbside recycling programs while increasing how much Ohioans recycle,” says Jill Martin, vice president of community programs at The Recycling Partnership. “The Partnership will provide education and outreach tools used successfully in hundreds of communities around the nation to encourage Ohioans to participate in the recycling system and recycle only the materials that should be recycled.”

“Public education is the first step to creating a cleaner, more efficient and marketable recycling stream,” Ohio EPA Director Laurie A. Stevenson says. “Partnerships at the community, region and state level are essential to helping Ohioans better understand what can and cannot be recycled. We look forward to working together with The Recycling Partnership and our community partners to create an education and outreach model that will work well and can be replicated throughout the state.”

According to a news release from The Recycling Partnership, this two-year project, including grants of nearly $211,000, focuses on outreach efforts in the following Ohio cities: Akron, Centerville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Fairfield and Lorain. According to a news release from The Recycling Partnership, it’s anticipated that more than 105,000 households will benefit from these efforts. Material recovery facilities including Waste Management of Akron, Republic Services of Oberlin, Rumpke of Columbus and Rumpke of Cincinnati are all participating and investing in this project.

“The Recycling Partnership has produced a lot of research indicating they have a high success rate with this type of program,” says Steve Sargent, director of recycling at Rumpke. “They’ve had great success in educating the public. We’re very hopeful this will help us to reduce contamination and educate people at the same time. We’re working with a lot of groups to pull this off. It’s a big collaborative effort.”