Hägglunds targets shredder market with compact motors

Hägglunds targets shredder market with compact motors

Bosch Rexroth’s Hägglunds brand motors installed in Italy-based Camec multi-purpose shredders.

January 9, 2019
Edited by Brian Taylor

Italian shredder and machinery manufacturer Camec is now using Hägglunds motors from Bosch Rexroth in some of its scrap and waste materials shredder models.

Camec, based in Cittadella, Italy, near Venice, entered the recycling machinery market in 1993 as a supplier to other equipment producers. Soon the company began developing its own scrap and waste processing machinery.

Though Camec has subsequently expanded into three other machinery divisions – material handling, bakery and industrial – its focus on recycling equipment remains intact.

“Camec deals exclusively with customized equipment and turnkey plants, responding to all customers’ needs,” says Barbara Lombardo, the firm’s sales and marketing manager. “We act as a strategic partner, making full use of our creativity to produce technical innovation. Our aim is to sell not a recycling machine, but a solution that will make the customer satisfied.”

Continues Lombardo, “Camec can address the most different problems and requests in almost any sector of waste recycling. We see the recycling industry expanding more and more, not only within Italy but throughout the European community and beyond.”

The company’s connection to Hägglunds hydraulic motors came to Camec through word of mouth in late 2017. “We were intrigued to hear of compact motors that could offer the same performance as previous solutions without the need for a gearbox,” says Lombardo.

As a first step, Camec asked Bosch Rexroth to rush deliver a motor in time for the annual Ecomondo green technologies expo in Italy in 2018. Says Lombardo, “We wanted to show the first-rate nature of our suppliers. When visitors saw the Hägglunds motor at Ecomondo, they were especially impressed.”

Camec has since put Hägglunds motors to use, beginning with a custom-designed 2-in-1 shredder model. Developed to recycle paper coils and other bulky waste, the shredder is equipped with two Hägglunds CA 140 motors on one side and two Hägglunds CA 210 motors on the other.

These motors can work together for maximum power, but the option of using just one of the motors when necessary in each set creates new flexibility, according to the companies.

“When needed, the shredder can ‘freewheel’ motors to provide more revolutions at a lower level of power,” says Lombardo. “After considering the alternatives, our technical department decided to use the Hägglunds hydraulic motors because they required so much less space – and because they eliminate the problem of gearbox breakdowns.”

The feedback from the initial customer, says Lombardo, has been very positive. “Our customer has expressed appreciation for the solution and has had good things to say about the Hägglunds motors,” she says.

Moving forward, Lombardo sees a clear place for Hägglunds motors in other Camec recycling solutions. Thanks not only to their compactness, but also to their torque capabilities and stepless speed adjustment, the motors provide Camec with a wide range of technical possibilities. “Hägglunds motors can make our own equipment even more versatile,” comments Lombardo. “This is an important aspect of meeting our customers’ changing needs.”

In addition, Lombardo sees great potential in the relationship with Bosch Rexroth, saying, “We look for real partnership based on high-level cooperation. Bosch Rexroth has shown the capacity both for fast delivery and for providing us with excellent knowledge, training and aftersales assistance.”

 “Bosch Rexroth is clearly passionate about Hägglunds products, just as we’re passionate about our own,” Lombardo concludes.

Remarks Niklas Eriksson, sector manager for recycling with Bosch Rexroth Sweden, “Camec, Bosch Rexroth and Hägglunds are three strong brands that can be very fruitful in cooperation.” Bosch Rexroth has a United States office in Charlotte, North Carolina.