Rotochopper announces MT Series trommel screen

Rotochopper announces MT Series trommel screen

The MT Series is available in two models, the MT175 and the MT237 for larger operations and volumes.

January 25, 2022

Rotochopper, a Minnesota-based manufacturer specializing in grinding, shredding and support equipment, has introduced its MT Series trommel screen.

According to the company, the MT Series delivers maximum productivity and superior screening efficiency with a compact footprint, making it ideal for operations of any size. A large screening area and up to 135 horsepower (HP) provide high-volume throughput of compost, organic soil, mulch, biomass and waste with minimal material handling. The MT Series also offers seamless integration with existing equipment, says Rotochopper, thus streamlining overall operations.

“Rotochopper specializes in durable, user-friendly grinding, shredding and support equipment that transforms waste materials into profitable opportunities for our customers,” says Tosh Brinkerhoff, CEO for Rotochopper. “The new MT Series trommel screen lives up to the standards our customers have come to expect with superior productivity, simplicity and support.”

A rotating screen drum with over 300 square feet of screening area and angle adjustment capabilities provides optimal separation capabilities. In addition, a large infeed hopper allows loading with either equipment or directly from a discharge for minimal handling and increased efficiency. Foldable hopper extensions are also available for increased loading options with a range of organic materials.

The MT Series is available in two models: the MT175, with a length of 39 feet and weight of 37,500 pounds, and the MT237 for larger operations and volumes weighing 64,000 pounds and a length of 53 feet. Tracks provide easy maneuverability for even small operations while hydraulically folding discharge conveyors make setup, adjustment and transport easier for increased uptime.

As part of an overall screening solution, Rotochopper says the MT Series trommel screen can help streamline production. Fully integrated systems offer a number of benefits including efficient material transfer between machines, common control and operational systems, shared telematics, and a single source for service and support. This can reduce equipment and labor costs and provide uninterrupted production for maximum output.

“With a wide selection of grinders, shredding, support equipment and now trommel screens, Rotochopper offers a complete operational solution that fits each customer’s unique needs,” Brinkerhoff said. “The MT Series brings us one step closer to our goal of providing fully integrated economic and environmentally sustainable solutions for our customer’s challenging fiber sizing applications.”