San Diego allows special permit organics hauling

San Diego allows special permit organics hauling

Businesses must submit the permit for small-scale organics hauling by March 11.

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Businesses in San Diego can apply for special permits to allow them to collect kitchen scraps and haul them to small-scale composting facilties, a report by KPBS Public Broadcasting says. The businesses have until March 11 to apply for the permits.

The deadline was announced by the San Diego Environmental Services Department after city council voted to permit small-scale organic waste hauling in January. The goal of the council’s decision was to support the city’s zero waste plan by making it easier for homes and businesses to keep food scraps out of landfills.

Composting programs of a smaller scale have been in a “legal gray area” where most waste hauling is restricted to three companies and their subsidiaries, the report says. With the permit for small-scale organic waste hauling, smaller businesses can become certified recyclable material collectors, which would allow them to haul up to 1,000 tons of recyclables and organics per year.

Applicants must pay a $120 fee and submit an application with proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance. The city said it will extend the deadline for providing proof of insurance by 30 days after being asked for more time to file applications.

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