San Francisco to conduct regular waste audits
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San Francisco to conduct regular waste audits

The audits will determine if certain properties properly sort their refuse.

Starting next year, more than 400 buildings that generate large amounts of waste in San Francisco, California will be subject to regular waste audits and consequences if they fail, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors recently voted unanimously to conduct the audits every three years of the city’s largest waste generators to determine whether they properly separate their refuse. If the properties, which range from restaurants and businesses to non-profits and City Hall, fail the audit, most will be forced to hire a full-time trash sorter to separate waste, compost and recyclables. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the position would make about $20 an hour plus benefits.

Properties qualify for the audit if they generate 40 cubic yards or more of refuse per week. More than 400 buildings fall under the ordinance, but not all are out of accordance with the law.

If properties under the ordinance have limited revenue, like a food pantry, and fail the audit, they can apply for financial hardship to potentially dodge having to hire a full-time sorter. Those properties won’t be subject to audit until July 1, 2021. All other properties will be subject to an audit after July 1, 2019.