SCS Engineers and Wehrle Umwelt integrate services

The integration will streamline the design-build of leachate facilities in the U.S.


SCS Engineers, Long Beach, California, and Wehrle Umwelt GmbH,  Emmendingen, Germany, has announced the availability of integrated services between the two firms to streamline the design-build of leachate treatment facilities in the United States.

SCS’s experience with the engineering, construction, operations, monitoring and management of U.S. landfills and industrial wastewater treatment systems, and Wehrle’s experience designing landfill leachate and industrial wastewater treatment plants around the world creates opportunities for both firms to bring more sustainable solutions to their clients.

In the last several years, U.S. landfill owners and operators are increasingly under pressure to meet more strident water quality demands while keeping their rates low, according to the companies. Selecting the most effective method of treatment at a sustainable cost requires advanced landfill engineering expertise, waste management expertise and excellent knowledge of which proven wastewater treatment technologies will perform best depending on the type and location of the landfill, the leachate composition and the volume of leachate generated.

“The SCS Engineers and Wehrle Umwelt teaming agreement brings a world of talent and technologies to our U.S. clients, improving our support to the private and municipal solid waste industries, with the responsibility of generating cleaner wastewater,” Samuel Cooke, an SCS vice president and the firm’s national liquids management director, says.

“As global technology leader for the treatment of complex wastewaters, Wehrle has built up an excellent reputation in over 40 countries worldwide with more than 250 installations,” Frank Natau, Wehrle’s senior expert for treatment of leachate and waste-derived effluents, says. “Detailed customized consultation [at the front of] the projects is important to us, especially since we are dealing with multiple technologies that require explanation and competence. SCS, with its technological knowledge and background of U.S. waste industries, is for us the perfect match to bring best long-term economical solutions to demanding customers.”