Sennebogen introduces new product at ISRI show

The 850 E Series material handler can be fitted with one of several boom and stick configurations, providing a reach of up to 69 feet.

June 4, 2018
Carrie George

President of Stanley, North Carolina-based Sennebogen LLC, Constantino Lannes, introduced the new 850 E Series purpose-built material handler at the 2018 ISRI Convention & Exhibition, April 14-19, in Las Vegas. The new model features a Tier 4f-compliant Cummins engine.

The 850 E continues Sennebogen’s focus on simplicity and dependability, the company says, striving to achieve performance through hydraulic design without complex electronics.  

Sennebogen’s modular design concept allows customers to order the 850 E with a rubber-tired or tracked undercarriage, or adapted to any other required mounting for gantries, pedestals, rail cars, barges and ship applications, the company says. The operating weight for the 850 M is 134,200 pounds. (60,873 kilograms) while the R-HD unit on crawler tracks weighs in at approximately 146,300 pounds. (66,360 kilograms).

The 850 can be fitted with one of several boom and stick configurations providing a maximum reach of up to 69 feet (21 meters).

According to Sennebogen, the new 850 E is also among the first models to feature the latest version of the company’s Maxcab operator station. The updated Maxcab is longer and roomier than its previous iterations, providing more space for the operator.

The Maxcab now features joystick travel controls, eliminating the steering wheel, to ensure an unobstructed forward line of site, says Sennebogen. Dual cameras for rear and right-side visibility are also provided as a standard.

With Sennebogen’s full-guarding on the upper deck, the company says the 850 E provides a safe platform for technicians. As on previous Maxcab designs, the new version includes a sliding door and a catwalk with a handrail for safe entry and exit.

The 850 E is supported through Sennebogen’s 100,000-square-foot. head office, parts warehouse and training center where advanced service training is provided to customer technicians at no charge.

Established in 2000, Sennebogen LLC offers a range of purpose-built machines to suit a variety of material handling applications. The company is a provider of specialized equipment solutions for recycling and scrap metal yards, demolition, barge and port operations, log-handling, transfer stations and waste facilities from coast to coast.