Sesotec publishes booklet on plastic recycling
Photo provided by Sesotec.

Sesotec publishes booklet on plastic recycling

German sorting equipment firm’s e-publication can be requested via its website.

February 13, 2020

Schönberg, Germany-based sorting equipment and technology firm Sesotec has published what it calls an e-book titled “Driving impact – closing the plastic cycle.” The company says the book includes comments from its own staff members and other contributors describing the “challenges and requirements a circular economy involves for recyclers, plastics producers and plastics processors.”

“In our times, as plastic waste is widely discussed and is a burning issue, one of the main problems is that too little plastic waste is recycled, [and] that an extremely high resource potential is thus wasted, and that this creates environmental risks,” Sesotec states in a news release announcing the availability of the publication. “Closing the plastic cycle would be the purest solution for mankind and for the environment,” adds the firm.

Sesotec says the publication addresses several topics, including:

  • why plastic is an extremely valuable and important material in today’s society;
  • what problems arise from discarded plastic if it is not recycled;
  • what are the requirements for a circular economy to really work; and
  • which challenges plastic recyclers, manufacturers and processors are faced with in the context of the circular economy.

The e-book can be downloaded by visitors who provide their e-mail address to Sesotec on this Web page

Sesotec employs 540 people in Germany and in additional offices in Canada, China, India, Italy, Singapore, Thailand and the United States. The company makes machines and systems for contaminant detection and material sorting for the recycling, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.