Recycling bin
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

New Hampshire town receives municipal recycling grant

Stratham residents received new curbside recycling carts and education materials for an automated curbside collection program.

February 3, 2021

The town of Stratham, New Hampshire, launched an automated recycling collection program in February. The city is providing its residents with new, lidded and wheeled recycling carts for its automated curbside collection program.

According to a news release from Falls Church, Virginia-based The Recycling Partnership, the city applied for and received a grant from the organization in recognition of the city’s commitment to recycling. The $51,200 grant helps to offset the costs for 3,200 new recycling carts and includes funding for education and outreach about recycling and the town’s new collection process.

The Recycling Partnership says Stratham residents received either a 95-gallon recycling cart at single-family homes or a 65-gallon recycling cart at townhouses and condominiums. The new carts arrived Jan. 18, and collection started the week of Feb. 2.

“We are grateful for the support of The Recycling Partnership, through a community survey and extensive deliberation by the townspeople and our Curbside Collection Advisory Committee, the commitment to a robust recycling program at curbside was deep and consistent,” says David Moore, town administrator for Stratham.

According to The Recycling Partnership, the new lidded carts replace the smaller, uncovered red bins that were undersized for most residents and led to the migration of materials into the environment. The nonprofit says the new collection system will increase residents’ recycling container capacity dramatically.

“The Recycling Partnership is proud to partner with the Town of Stratham to expand access to recycling for the town’s 7,400 residents,” says Chris Coady, director of community programs at The Recycling Partnership. “We are thrilled to support Stratham residents’ efforts to recycle more, better, capturing more quality recyclables and unlocking critical supply for the circular economy.”

Stratham is asking its residents to review the list of acceptable materials to ensure a reduction in contamination in recyclables and wishcycling.