Toter's EVR-Green carts come in black.
Toter's EVR-Green carts come in black.

Toter’s EVR-Green cart features recycled body

The company is working to offer EVR-Green carts with fully recycled lids and wheels as well.

January 24, 2022

Toter, a provider of waste and recycling containers based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has introduced the EVR-Green 100 percent recycled cart body. The lids and wheels also contain some recycled content; however, Toter has not specified the percentage of recycled content used in those parts. The company says it is working to offer EVR-Green carts that also feature fully recycled lids and wheels in the future.

Manufactured with a variety of recycled materials, the company says the two-wheeled cart is the “first and only fully recycled cart body and fully recyclable cart on the market.” According to Toter, the company made a commitment to reduce its overall virgin resin use by 25 percent starting this year in an effort to drive down its carbon emissions based on a 2020 life cycle assessment the company performed.

The company says it is securing a combination of postindustrial and postconsumer resin for the EVR-Green carts. The carts come in 32-, 48-, 64- and 96-gallon models.

According to a news release from Toter, the EVR-Green features Toter’s Advanced Rotational Molding process, ensuring a stronger and more durable performance than receptacles that feature an injection-molded design. The carts are being manufactured at two of the company's facilities in Statesville, North Carolina, and Acuña, Mexico.

Toter says the EVR-Green also features a UV-stable, stress-free and zero-pressure single-piece design. The container walls have a consistent thickness and are resistant against corrosion and chemicals. It also comes with Toter’s Rugged Rim, sealed stop bar journals and a granite finish.

The cart will initially be available in black. Toter says the EVR-Green is an ideal selection for a variety of end users, including municipalities, residential users, commercial facilities, industrial facilities and waste haulers.

“Toter’s 100 percent recycled EVR-Green cart body is a sustainability game-changer for the waste collection industry,” says Nick Daddabbo, Toter’s director of product management. “We have been hard at work to develop a cart that will uphold the quality buyers rely on from our brand while providing a product they can feel good about using.”