Untha launches Untha Genius
Untha Shredding Technology Inc.

Untha launches Untha Genius

Cloud-based condition monitoring tool helps to optimize plant productivity, according to the manufacturer.


Industrial shredder manufacturer Untha Shredding Technology, Austria, has launched Untha Genius, a condition monitoring tool designed to help optimize plant productivity from an operator’s remote device.

The cloud technology uses several intuitive in-built machine sensors to analyze a shredder’s performance in real-time, according to the company. The aim is to maximize machine availability while minimizing maintenance and downtime costs.

Capable of analyzing up to 100 process values, data that include engine temperature, speed and torque, machine utilization, conveyor power, energy consumption and costs are all securely accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC, irrespective of the operator’s location, Untha says. An at-a-glance dashboard illustrates the must-know metrics, but users also can drill down further to uncover performance trends via the secure storage of four months of data.

Proactive notifications are sent to the individual’s phone to alert of potential machine error or the risk of a predefined operational threshold being exceeded, minimizing the time needed to respond to any unexpected operating conditions and keep customers’ plants in smooth working order.

Untha says the technology has taken 12 months to research, develop and rigorously test.

The company’s Head of Global Sales Peter Streinik says, “We liken Genius to the ‘brain’ of a shredder. It delivers utmost transparency when it comes to process-critical data, with the goal of maximizing plant uptime and keeping whole life running costs to a minimum.

“I hope the proactive presentation of this data also shows how proud we are of our machines’ performance. We always talk about prioritizing customers’ profitability—not to mention safety—and Genius is further evidence of the value we’re keen to add.”

Data are supplied to Untha Genius from an Untha Edge device affixed to the shredder. Able to withstand temperature effects and vibrations, this technology transfers customer metrics via multiple integrated firewalls and a secure ISO27001-certified end-to-end connection, the company says. The operator then retrieves the data by accessing an encrypted, password-protected portal, and user authorization levels also are configurable to restrict visibility, if required.

“Business intelligence has never been so important, in organizations large and small,” Streinik says. “Company owners may home in on the running costs and overall plant availability statistics, whereas a head of service will be most interested in the need to schedule maintenance activities, and the production manager needs immediate troubleshooting abilities and data that will enable continual shredder optimization.”

 He adds, “We’re empowering our customers with the information they need to boost their operations, protect employee safety and maximize margins.”