Murphy Road Recycling installs C&D shredder
Murphy Road Recycling operates a Metso M&J PreShred 4000M.

Murphy Road Recycling installs C&D shredder

The New England-based recycler’s new shredder can process more than 115 tons per hour of C&D materials.

November 23, 2020

Murphy Road Recycling, Enfield, Connecticut, recently added an M&J PreShred 4000M preshredder from Metso to help with construction and demolition (C&D) recycling services. Murphy Road Recycling is an independently owned waste management firm that operates multiple facilities in New England. The new shredder will expand Murphy Road Recycling’s capabilities and diversify its ability to accept difficult-to-manage materials such as windmill blades, fiberglass boats, large green oak stumps, wheels and tires.

According to a statement on Metso’s website about the shredder, its M&J PreShred 4000M “is a versatile preshredder” that can be used for waste processing and waste recycling applications. It is able to process many types of waste, such as municipal solid waste, industrial waste, construction waste, biomass, wood and bulky waste. The company offers the shredder in mobile and stationary versions.

Lou Martins, general sales manager at Metso, says Murphy Road Recycling “did extensive testing” of the M&J PreShred 4000M earlier this fall. He says the recycler tested the machine during a 40-hour demo.

“They basically ran everything from C&D to large quantity of sani cans to tires and wheels” through the M&J PreShred 4000M, Martins says. “Basically, as I heard from their plant manager, they tried to destroy [the shredder], but they couldn’t, so that was the deciding factor that drove their decision to make the Metso mobile preshredder their top choice.”

Metso M&J PreShred 4000M

Murphy Road Recycling is now operating the mobile version of this shredder along with an additional Metso shredder cutting table. Martins says Murphy Road Recycling’s M&J PreShred 4000M is processing about 115 tons per hour in a C&D application.

The company offers construction and demolition recycling services for the Northeast. It operates multiple facilities, including transfer stations, processing facilities and recycling centers. According to the recycler’s website, its services include single-stream recycling, dumpster rentals and compactor service, recycled landscaping products, demolition, construction waste management and more.

“We’re proud to partner with [Murphy Road Recycling] on this project, as they are leaders in the region, and we’re comfortable that the reliability and industry-leading robustness of the Metso M&J shredder is the perfect solution to help USA maintain and enhance their positioning within this segment,” Martins adds.