Vecoplan announces new replacement fuel shredder

Vecoplan announces new replacement fuel shredder

The VEZ 3200 is suited for the manufacture of replacement fuels from production and sorted remains and packaging.

August 3, 2018
Carrie George

Vecoplan, Bad Marienberg, Germany, says it has developed a high-performance, single-shaft preshredder, the VEZ 3200, that is suitable for making refuse-derived fuel from production waste, packaging material and domestic and commercial waste .

The VEZ 3200 is equipped with modern Vecoplan technology and was based on the VEZ 2500 TV, with the goal of developing stronger, more powerful and more economical components, the company says.

In addition to being stronger and more compact, Vecoplan says the shredder has a lower loading edge to simplify feeding with wheel loaders and stacker trucks. The shredder also has a large interior volume: Bales measuring up to nearly 4 feet can be directly fed into the machine. The improved ram ensures an optimal shredding process even with difficult or light infeed material. The shredder's enclosed design conceals all danger points as well as sensors and wires to protect against dirt and stray material.

The shredder can be used as a primary shredder for manufacturing replacement fuel from production residue.

According to the company, the rotor consists of hardened individual knives that can be rotated and used up to four times and can be replaced quickly because of the V-shaped centering seat, minimizes wear and operating costs.

The counter knives consist of several individual segments that also can be used up to four times and are individually adjustable from the outside. The flanged shaft ends enable the rotor to be changed quickly. 

The VEZ 3200 is equipped with the company’s HiTorc drive unit. This gearless drive with a speed-controllable high-torque motor is nearly maintenance free and generates little noise, Vecoplan says. Power peaks are adjustable and limited, lowering power costs in comparison with conventional drives, the company says. High torque is available across the entire speed range, enabling trouble-free startup under load and reversing in the case of overload.

Vecoplan says the HiTorc drive can lead to energy savings of as much as 60 percent in RDF production compared with conventional drives. 

Vecoplan AG is a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for the resources and recycling industry for shredding, conveying and reprocessing wood, biomass, plastics, paper and other recyclable materials such as domestic and industrial waste.