Remeo is a Finalnd-based environmental management company
Remeo is a Finland-based environmental management firm.

ZenRobotics helps equip automated MRF in Finland

Remeo’s automated MRF in Finland will feature 12 robotic arms from ZenRobotics.

September 14, 2020

ZenRobotics, Helsinki, has announced it has partnered with Remeo, a Finnish environmental management firm, to construct what it calls an advanced and fully automated material recovery facility (MRF) in Vantaa, Finland, by the end of 2021.

According to a news release from ZenRobotics, the new facility will show how artificial intelligence- (AI-) powered robots can be used to capture materials from waste streams in construction, trade and other sectors more efficiently than before.

“We are thrilled that Remeo’s past experience with ZenRobotics’ AI-powered waste sorting robotics has led to a significant reinvestment into our robot technology on a scale that enables the recycling rate to be raised in Finland, and in practice making it no longer necessary to export construction waste,” says Wolfgang Schiller, CEO at ZenRobotics.

ZenRobotics says Remeo has used its AI and robot technology to improve cost efficiency and recovery rates in waste sorting since 2010. The new digitalized and robotic MRF will feature 12 robotic arms by ZenRobotics. The total value of Remeo’s investment in the new facility is about 35 million euros (or about $41.56 million).

The facility will use smart automation and the latest AI and robotics to integrate two different processing lines for waste fractions, ZenRobotics says. The facility will combine commercial and industrial waste (C&I) and construction & demolition (C&D) processing lines. ZenRobotics says the facility will be able to process about 120,000 metric tons of C&D material and 60,000 metric tons of C&I waste.

“We are very pleased that our current partner ZenRobotics will continue the recycling industry development with us at our new highly advanced waste sorting facility," says Johan Mild, Remeo CEO. "We strongly believe that our facility equipped with AI-based robots will change the recycling industry."

Schiller adds, “Our continuing partnership with Remeo showcases that AI-powered waste sorting robots have become the new normal and help customers capture valuable clean materials and achieve desired recovery rates here and now.”