ZTERS utilizes Compology monitoring solutions to adjust service during COVID-19

To keep pace with recent changes in commercial building usage due to COVID-19, ZTERS Waste Solutions announced it has begun offering Compology’s dumpster monitoring solution.


To keep pace with recent changes in commercial building usage due to COVID-19, the commercial waste division of Houston-based ZTERS Waste Solutions announced it has begun offering San Francisco-based Compology’s dumpster monitoring solution to help companies adapt their waste pickup schedules and become more efficient.

The ZTERS commercial waste division works with retail, warehouse, industrial and multifamily properties nationwide to provide waste and recycling services.

“We found many property owners and facility managers were either adjusting to empty office buildings and strip malls, and they needed to reduce their pickup levels, or, they were dealing with increased waste production, such as in multifamily apartment buildings and condos where more waste is being produced. Compology helps us right-size their waste service,” Dan Studer, commercial waste division manager at ZTERS, says. 

A significant issue over the last couple of months has been finding the right service schedule to meet changing waste volumes, ZTERS says. Since it is not always easy for owners and managers to measure waste output, often there are either too many or too few pickups. This can result in overpaying for waste service.  

Compology’s in-dumpster cameras help provide accurate and actionable data to help haulers ascertain how waste volume changes over time and what pickup schedules would be most efficient based on actual needs. 

"We're proud to help ZTERS and their clients adapt to changing norms and waste production fluctuations as a result of COVID-19 through our automated rightsizing solution," Jason Gates, CEO of Compology, says. "Resilience is key in a time like this, and ZTERS is at the forefront of leveraging technology and actionable data to redefine service schedules, boost efficiency and maximize savings for their customers."

“Compology helps us provide better service to our customers and save them money at a time when many businesses are working hard to adjust to unprecedented circumstances and uncertain futures,” Studer says.