Newrest adopts biodigester at Atlanta airport

Fremont, California-based Power Knot’s LFC biodigester can process between 20 pounds and 6,600 pounds of food waste a day, depending on the model.

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Power Knot LLC, Fremont, California, a leader in onsite organic waste management solutions, has announced that it successfully integrated its LFC biodigester with a Meiko transport system.

Germany-based Meiko Green Waste Solutions GmbH is a global technology and service company that manufactures and supplies professional food waste treatment systems for restaurants, hotels and community catering industries.

The LFC biodigester is a machine that digests food waste. These machines are usually installed in commercial kitchens to reduce the expense, inconvenience, mess and carbon footprint of food waste that would otherwise be hauled to a landfill.

Power Knot has 10 different-sized LFC biodigesters that process between 20 pounds per day and 6,600 pounds per day of food waste. With hundreds of installations globally, the LFC biodigester has proven to be reliable, safe and cost-effective, Power Knot says.

Power Knot and Meiko have developed a waste system vacuum for the disposal of organic waste into a tank which is automatically pumped into a biodigester. The LFC biodigester eats the food waste, converting it to grey water that is disposed of in the sewage system. France-based Newrest has adopted the system in Atlanta for the airline catering industry of which it is a part. The automated system minimizes manual labor and touch points for the disposal of waste into the biodigester and avoids the expense and messiness of hauling away the waste accumulated in the tank.

“The airline industry is currently facing major staffing issues. The combination of the Meiko and Power Knot systems reduces the amount of time and labor required to dispose of the food waste,” Power Knot President Iain Milnes says. “Newrest employees are empowered to focus on delivering quality service and care to the airline customers.”

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