Filco Carting purchases 21 LET2 refuse vehicles from Battle Motors

Filco Carting says the trucks will be used to service its 5,000 commercial, residential, industrial and institutional customers.

Photo courtesy of Battle Motors

Los Angeles-based Battle Motors, a truck manufacturing company, has announced the sale of 21 Battle Motors LET2 sanitation trucks to New York City’s Filco Carting.

The company describes the LET2 truck as a “powerhouse vocational truck providing the best in class components” to meet the needs of New York’s rugged streets.

Filco Carting is led by CEO Domenic Monopoli and is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business providing the metro area with waste removal and recycling since 1910. Filco Carting trucks service over 5,000 commercial, residential, industrial and institutional firms in the metro area.

“Battle Motors has taken a strong stand in turning the needle since the start of last year in exceeding NYC’s new Commercial Waste Zone Program’s goals combined with their advanced design, competitive pricing, availability and quality of chassis,” says Monopoli. “It was a no-brainer in making Battle Motors the selected truck to purchase for the city’s new commercial zones. Filco Carting prides itself on always being ahead of the curve for safety, reliability, and high-level service. Our partnership with Battle Motors gives us that level of consumer confidence to our long-standing customer base.”

Filco Carting currently services its customer base with a fleet of more than 50 trucks, priding itself on exclusively using the newest trucks with the best available technology, hence making the new purchase with Battle Motors an ideal partner.

David Berg, vice president of sales at Battle Motors, says, “Battle Motors delivers the comfort, visibility, and reliability through the Severe Duty Refuse Chassis but champions lower maintenance costs and reduced noise, all of which will assist Filco Carting with the new commercial zones in NYC. Rugged framework, attention to detail, and a durable yet ergonomic cab environment keeps New York employees healthy and safe and makes these vehicles an excellent investment. We look forward to this partnership with Filco Carting as one of the leading private haulers in the tri-state area, and we believe this is the start of Battle Motors Trucks being the 'workhorse’ for all fleets nationwide.”

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