Goudsmit introduces magnetic separator for lithium battery powder

The self-cleaning unit captures iron, iron oxide and stainless steel particles.

goudsmit magnetic separator

Photo courtesy of Goudsmit

Goudsmit Magnetics of Waalre, the Netherlands, has introduced a rotating magnetic separator designed for the ferrous-metal-free processing of lithium-ion powder intended for batteries. The company says the nickel, cadmium and lithium cathode powders must be of optimal quality to guarantee the operation of a battery. Any iron-bearing metal contamination present in the powder reduces the quality of the material mix and leads to a battery's short life, according to Goudsmit.

Its self-cleaning rotating magnetic separator filters metal particles as small as 30 micrometers from the lithium powder. The magnetic separator contains nine rotating magnetic bars that prevent the fine powder from sticking to the bars. The rotation ensures the product does not stick to the bars so good deferrization is possible, according to the company. The pneumatically operated magnetic bars have a deep catch field and can capture paramagnetic particles, such as iron oxide and stainless steel, in addition to iron particles.

The magnetic separator is dust-proof and can be cleaned automatically. The valve box in the system removes the captured metal particles on-site, as illustrated in the video below. 

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