Continuus Materials, Anaergia identified as potential anchor tenants of Kent County’s sustainable business park

These companies could serve as the “anchor tenants” in the park around which other waste and recycling processors could establish operations.

Michigan’s Kent County Board of Public Works could begin negotiating with Continuus Materials and Anaergia Oct. 7 for the companies to operate a mixed waste processing facility that would be central to the county’s proposed sustainable business park, MLive reports.

These companies would serve as the “anchor tenants” in the park around which other waste and recycling processors could establish operations.  

Initial plans state that, if all parties can come to terms, Continuus Materials and Anaergia would operate a facility that could handle 400,000 tons of trash per year and 30,000 tons of recyclables. The facility would turn these materials into renewable natural gas, fertilizer, recyclable commodities and roof coverboard made from recycled plastic and paper.

Continuus Materials, based in The Woodlands, Texas, specializes in the production of coverboard products derived from sustainable materials. Anaergia is an Ontario-based waste-to-resources service provider.

Dar Baas, director of the Kent County Department of Public Works (DPW), told MLive that the facility could be operational in four years if everything goes to plan.

DPW officials estimate the park, slated to be built on 250 acres of vacant land between Kent County and Allegan County, will cost $70 million. Of this, $19 would go toward utilities and roads.

Recently, it was announced that a $4 million appropriation in the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) budget would be allocated to infrastructure spending at the planned sustainable business park.

Despite reports of Anaergia’s interest, the company issued the following statement noting that the Kent County park was just one of the opportunities the business was assessing and that no deal was imminent.

“Management of Anaergia confirms that this project is one of the opportunities it is currently exploring, but as is the case with the other potential opportunities, there is no assurance that the discussions will lead to an agreement or project for the company,” the statement reads.

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