Waste Harmonics acquires Meridian Alliance Partners

The acquisition will allow Waste Harmonics to expand its service offerings and grow its cloud-based analytics footprint.

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Waste Harmonics, a national managed waste service provider based in Rochester, New York, recently announced the acquisition of Meridian Alliance Partners, a certified solid waste and recycling specialist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company says Meridian implements no-cost sustainable waste and recycling programs to reduce hauling costs and increase recycling credits.  

With the acquisition, Waste Harmonics says it will expand its service offerings, leveraging sustainable waste and recycling programs to implement green initiatives and provide its customers with waste management services. The acquisition will also allow the company to grow its strengths in cloud-based analytics, monitoring and reporting by continuing to expand the footprint for deploying iWaste monitoring devices.  

“Companies are thinking about sustainable waste management differently because it’s critical to the environment we live in,” Waste Harmonics CEO Michael Hess says. “This partnership puts us in a great position to enhance and complement our efforts, specifically in sustainable waste and recycling programs, while leveraging our industry expertise and extraordinary service to our customers.”   

The collaboration between Waste Harmonics and Meridian Alliance Partners will offer various services in waste and recycling, blending analytics, rightsizing and optimizing environmentally sound and cost-effective recycling solutions.   

Waste Harmonics provides an outsourced waste management consolidation service for companies and corporations with up to 5,000 locations. Waste Harmonics says it works with business clients across North America to deliver cost savings, consolidation of invoicing and communications and recycling and sustainability strategies.  

The company offers a wide variety of services with all types of equipment, including large and small container services, compactors, balers, construction services and recycling. 


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