Say goodbye to wood and vegetative waste once and for all

June 6, 2022

Air Burners is the cost-effective, environmentally friendly go-to alternative to grinding and hauling wood waste. In today's competitive environment, more and more businesses are looking for innovative ways to manage costs, increase production and boost the bottom line. For more than 25 years, Air Burners has answered that call here in the United States and the world. Renowned for its portable systems that deploy ready to operate without the need for site improvements, Air Burners’ technology turns undesirable wood and vegetative waste into carbon-rich ash and biochar, promoting carbon sequestration and soil enhancement.

Wood and vegetative waste comprise about 30 percent of the total global waste stream and more is being generated than can be recycled. Of the 70 million tons of wood waste collected annually, 29 percent is recycled. Since the traditional recycling process of hauling and chipping consumes such large amounts of fossil fuels, the environmental benefits are questionable. Haulers, on average, have to travel 30 miles to-and-from chipping facilities. In addition, the market for recycled wood waste is small and so most of these chips will end up in landfills.  

That’s why Air Burners machines are essential to mitigating this situation. Air Burners not only get rid of the waste but do so on-site, saving time and money on chipping and grinding. In addition, bypassing the hauling process saves on fuel consumption and eliminates harmful greenhouse gases from damaging the environment.   

"We were burning 25 gallons an hour on the first grind and 35 gallons an hour on the second grind,” Tighe Scott, president & founder of Scott Farms, Inc. in Saylorburg, Pennsylvania. “We had loaders. We had excavators working and mechanics. Now we have me. I burn a gallon and a half an hour tops with the Air Burner, which adds up quickly with the fuel price today. Air Burners burn clean. Neighbors don't even know it's burning. I haven't had any complaints."   

Air Burners, the top Air Curtain Burner system in the world, is the most economical and environmentally friendly biomass energy solution on the market. Air Burners, air curtain technology, significantly reduce the particulate matter released in the atmosphere by trapping particles in the secondary burn chamber, causing them to reburn, reducing them to acceptable Environmental Protection Agency limits. This process results in a cleaner and faster burn than opening burning. It's also why Air Burners are so effective at eliminating wood and vegetative waste and reducing up to 98 percent of the waste debris, leaving environmentally friendly, marketable biochar while also eliminating the harmful effects on the environment.   

"We changed our whole method of doing business,” Scott says. “For example, rather than grind and try to sell mulch at a price where you can't afford to grind it and make it, the Air Burners has taken away all the overhead."   

Innovation keeps Air Burners an industry leader in disposing of woody biomass. PGFireBox, the most recent addition to the company’s patented machines, generates biomass energy with no preprocessing, sorting, grinding or chipping, and no costly, secondary fuel source. In addition, its Closed Circle Recycling system creates energy and produces sustainable byproducts without consuming other resources.   

The next phase in the Biomass Energy Revolution is here: smaller, compact, portable and more efficient biomass energy solutions, on-site and ready when power is needed. For example, PGFireBox and Closed Circle Recycling put companies in the driver's seat by eliminating the waste stream and generating electricity to run recycling machines, sorting stations and charging electric vehicles. The self-powering system runs on-site, making wood and vegetative waste recycling even more profitable by producing biomass products like biochar. No preprocessing wood debris or hauling vegetative waste to landfills or incinerators helps the environment.   

For more than two decades, Air Burners has helped companies eliminate problems with cost-efficient solutions that are good for business and the environment—companies like Scott Farms Inc.  

"Air Burners is the best thing that ever happened to our company as far as what we do," Scott says. "In anything in life, everybody's looking for an edge. They're looking for a way to get the most out of everything they're using. This is the best way to get rid of anything I've ever seen. I just can't believe how good it is. I'm just happy to be an owner of Air Burners, and I wish them a lot of success. They deserve it because they've created a good machine and a good way of solving a problem. And I like it."   

Air Burners machines are known for their many uses and are respected for providing workable solutions to various problems. So, whether it's construction, land clearing, orchards, vineyards, forestry, disaster recovery or any business that needs to eliminate wood and vegetative waste fast and environmentally friendly, Air Burners has a product for you.   

PGFireBox is a biomass energy system that eliminates wood and vegetative waste while generating energy. Air Burners FireBox is a fast, cost-efficient solution to clearing land and removing debris, up to 9 to 13 tons per hour. Roll-Off FireBox is another patented mobile design that fits standard cable hoist trucks or hook-lift trucks for roll-off dumpsters and waste skids. The BurnBoss is ideal for forest and agriculture and a popular choice with HOAs and fire departments for clean, safe waste cleanup.  

To learn more about Air Burners and how their machines can help get rid of wood and vegetative waste while helping eliminate the harmful effects on the environment, visit 

Air Curtain Burners or FireBoxes by Air Burners Inc., Palm City, Florida, are the industry leader for waste management technology and used worldwide.